A quiet, out-of-the-ordinary experience

Tateo Tajima, the master of Tenku, spent twenty-five years building his idea for a new form of luxury that would not be available anywhere else.

Tenku has vast grounds of 60 hectares, but only five villas, each with its own onsen. Each is situated well away from the others, so you have the expanse of nature all to yourself.
People sometimes say that the dress code here is ... naked. That’s not joking. We guarantee complete privacy, so when you stay here, you can cast off your concerns and soon find yourself forgetting about the conventions that rule our everyday lives.

Spending time in this quiet environment, the sun goes down in the evening, comes up in the morning, and you sense that the Earth really is turning round. Why was it that you came here? Why did people start to travel? Fundamental questions like that come to mind when you put yourself in an environment very different from the one where you usually spend your days. We find ourselves putting aside the standards and assumptions that we typically live with, and encountering ideas and sensibilities that would have been difficult before. And when we get back home, we’ll be standing a little taller.

The quiet, out-of-the-ordinary experience that Tateo Tajima envisaged could be yours too.

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